Posted by Trechelle Tranese on Mar 16th 2020

Fashion is in my DNA...

I get asked often the question “Why Fashion” when you went to school to be a nurse or better yet the phrase “You paid all that money for a degree just to waste it”??

Reminiscing over my life, I reflect over years of memories of our countless Saturday trips with my grandmother to Cloth World or Hancock Fabrics. Here we were kids (my cousins and myself) sitting flipping through the pattern books not really understanding the true meaning of it all. You know we used to play Hide N Go Seek ( yes all in the store with it lol) as my grandmother would take her time trying to find that perfect pattern for her “next Sunday’s Best”.

You see, my grandmother possessed that one skill that I am now fully embracing, which was her “Eye for Fashion”. She would make unique pieces in my eyes that were fit for any celebrity. She used to sew for brides and their bridal party, balls, church functions, you name it, she made it. Everyone on the Eastbank of Plaquemines Parish, knew that if they needed anything made “Rita Mae” in Dalcour could make it.

Now looking back, my grandmother built a very successful brand as a Seamstress and with the technology we have today, if it was offered to her back then, I am confident, she would’ve built an empire on the same level as say Coco Chanel. She passed on her skills to each of her five daughters, who each are unique in their own special way (basically those five Smith girls had it going on ijs lol).

And, then it dawned on me, why fashion??

Thinking back to that little girl, I was always intrigued by the scents of the patterns, the different textures and colors of fabrics, just the ability to create or see my vision come to life, the business savviness of being able to network and striking deals and most of all offering women that boost of confidence and empowerment that embodies them once they put on that perfect piece.

So you see, now when asked “Why fashion”??

My answer is simple “Fashion Is In My DNA”…


Trechelle Tranese